Manly Beach and being a tourist in Sydney

We had heard about Manly Beach from some of the people we did the Whitsundays sailing trip with. They love the place, so we made that our next stop. We found a room just up on the hill above the beach. (Actually, one of my big surprises of the trip was how hilly the Australian coastline is. The beaches are each nestled between rugged cliffs and gnarly points of land.). The town was way out on one of the northern fingers of the Sydney Harbour. We could walk from the ocean beach, through the cool town to the harbour ferry in 10 minutes.



The surf was really small here, so after a short morning session, we took the ferry over to Sydney. It was so much faster than trying to drive. There is no fast way to drive around the Sydney area. Even the main highway goes right through the city with lots of stop lights. It was pretty cool to cruise around the corner and see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge right in from of us.




The ferry dropped us off right by the opera house and the bridge. We spent some time walking around The Rocks and then worked our way over towards the bridge. We decided to climb the bridge tower which was almost as tall as the top of the bridge. We were interested in the bridge climb, but it was ridiculously expensive. Pretty terrific views from up top. We even saw Oracle and their Aussie counterparts out training on the harbour.



The displays in the tower did an excellent job of explains and depicting the building of the bridge. Such an incredible feat!








To be continued….bedtime!


About rozthomson

Dan and Roz are teachers from Ontario, Canada. We have taken a leave of absence for the year to travel the world windsurfing, surfing, mountain biking, SUPing and hiking.
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1 Response to Manly Beach and being a tourist in Sydney

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mark Coull here. Dan and Roz. I thought my retirement would have highlights but you guys have smoked me! The sights you two have seen and pics you have posted here (by the way, I have read and seen everything you’ve posted since you started your incredible journey!) are memorable. Personally, I can not get the Mt. St. Helens pic out of my mind. You guys are truly living the dream and it is enjoyable to vicariously live it through your photo lens. Keep the pics coming! Can not believe you hooked up with Chris C! Memories to last a lifetime!

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